Jim Boyes & Belinda O’Hooley, “Sensations of a Wound” 24 February 2018

Jim & Belinda bring their warm and moving production to St Michael’s Church, Coxwold, North Yorkshire on 24th February.  With new songs – lyrical, funny, sharply telling and atmospheric – award-winning singer songwriter, Jim Boyes, tells a little-known story of the First War in a first solo project.  “We knew he had been wounded, but my grandfather, Robert “Croppie” Boyes, never talked about his army service – we heard nothing about it.”  But Jim’s discovery of a long-lost account Croppie had written after the War changed all that – and sparked this unique and moving concert.

Combining with back-projected contemporary images powerfully evoking a world at war, Jim’s songs follow Croppie’s long trail from his home in Scarborough, to Flanders, Italy and beyond.  Their vividly telling narratives and unsentimental humour had reviewers praising an “amazing story, simply told”, “an emotional journey for the listener – though certainly not a downbeat one.”

“Sensations of a Wound: The Long, Long Trail of Robert Riby Boyes”, St Michael’s Church, Coxwold

24th February 2018 – 7.30pm – Tickets £10


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